Return to Forever: Where Have I Known You Before


Where Have I Known You Before


Return to Forever


Where Have I Known You Before (Polydor 825206)

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Chick Corea (piano).

Composed by Chick Corea


Recorded: Nederland, Colorado, February 1976


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

I hope this isn't blasphemous, but count me as one of those fans who much prefers to hear Chick Corea on acoustic piano rather than electric keyboards or synthesizers. Don't get me wrong. He excels on all. But there is something about his piano playing that is just transcendent. "Where Have I Known You Before" is a 2-minute exercise in exquisite taste and restraint. Its slow-tempo melody, played with lightning speed nonetheless, is buoyed by an insistent 2-chord left-hand vamp. The notes are simply the thoughts of a man in deep reflection. This is beautiful stuff.

Reviewer's Anecdote: Well, it is actually a story my friend Jeff told me. Years ago he snuck backstage for what was probably one of hundreds of jazz and fusion concerts he did that for. He would arrive many hours before the shows and find a way to sneak in surreptitiously to listen to sound checks. One time he went to see Return to Forever. After some subterfuge, he found himself between a stage curtain, an exit door and Chick Corea sitting at an acoustic piano. Jeff was not supposed to be there. Chick saw him. Chick knew this kid wasn't supposed to be there. He looked over at my friend again. They were the only two people around. Chick turned to the piano and played away wonderfully for 20 minutes as my buddy stood, stared and listened. At the end, Chick looked up. Jeff quietly said, "Thanks, Chick." Corea nodded. Jeff exited right with a memory for a lifetime.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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