Amina Figarova: Chicago Split


Chicago Split


Amina Figarova (piano)


Above The Clouds (Munich Records BMCD-503)

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Amina Figarova (piano),

Ernie Hammes, Nico Schepers (trumpets), Louk Boudestein (trombone), Bart Platteau (flute), Tineke Postma (alto sax), Kurt van Herck (tenor sax), Jeroen Vierdag (bass), Chris “Buckshot” Strik (drums)


Composed by Amina Figarova


Recorded: Amsterdam, The Netherlands, March 23-24, 2008


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

Ever wonder how jazz compositions get their titles? Inspiration leads to composition? That would make the most sense, though I've heard guitarist Pat Metheny play new tunes in concert with names such as "New Thing in E," the title being the very last detail to get nailed down. In the case of Amina Figarova's "Chicago Split," it was an event that occurred during the show of the song's unveiling: a good friend of Figarova split up with his girlfriend during the gig. As Figarova relates, this was a very good thing for the now-single man. Maybe I'm projecting here, but this tune does contain a burst of happiness midstream. The horns wind their way around a descending piano figure that seems to hold back a little. But then Bart Platteau slings out a very uplifting and bluesy flute solo, and the piece's entire attitude changes. Subsequent trumpet and piano solos extend the mood, which has shifted from slightly veiled pensiveness to an almost slinky joy. Or perhaps I really am projecting.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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