Giovanni Moltoni: Mystery Box


Mystery Box


Giovanni Moltoni (guitar/synth)


3 (C#2 Music Productions)

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Giovanni Moltoni (guitar/synth),

Greg Hopkins (trumpet), Fernando Huergo (bass), Bob Tamagni (drums)


Composed by Giovanni Moltoni


Recorded: February 17 and March 9, 2008


Rating: 87/100 (learn more)

There are many ways to analyze music, the most academic being to observe how the melodic lines of a piece fit into the associated harmonic structure. I can do that, but my ears tend to scream that they're being left out. You see, my ear parts don't seem to care about what's "right." No, they care about more subtle things such as texture, phrasing and interaction. On "Mystery Box," guitarist Giovanni Moltoni and his crew ride a slow-burning, spooky groove, layering much texture and nuance along the way. The unison lines between Moltoni's guitar and Greg Hopkins's trumpet are beautiful in their simplicity. Moltoni's harmonically open guitar/synth arpeggios seem to ask their own questions, to which both Hopkins and bassist Fernando Huergo supply endless commentary. And speaking of Huergo, he appears to be the secret weapon here, holding down the groove while decorating the song's progression. I say forget the analysis, and let yourself be moved.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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