KJ Denhert: Message in a Bottle


Message in a Bottle


KJ Denhert (acoustic guitar, vocals)


Dal Vivo a Umbria Jazz (Motema MTM-00017)

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KJ Denhert (acoustic guitar, vocals),

Aaron Heick (sax), Bennett Paster (piano, keyboards), John Caban (electric guitar), Mamadou Ba (electric bass), Ray Levier (drums), Kevin Jones (percussion)


Composed by Sting


Recorded: live at Umbria Jazz Festival, Italy, 2007


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

This slinky, jazzed-up version of the classic rock song provides yet another example of Sting's song- writing prowess. "Message in a Bottle" is one of those magical pop tunes that on first listen seems simple. The truth is that it's full of harmonic opportunity. From that signature acoustic guitar arpeggio to the "sending out an S.O.S." refrain, KJ Denhert and her fine group take advantage of every contour. Denhert plays with the phrasing, pulling the vocal line slightly out of shape. John Caban adds some seriously funky and subtle guitar parts, while Kevin Jones sprinkles in liberal amounts of percussion. After a piano solo that provides considerable forward motion, Denhert returns, scatting before moving back to the verse, phrasing looser and sexier than ever. Caban lays down an impassioned guitar solo at the end. This might be as far from The Police as possible, but it's still a load of fun.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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