Bill Connors: Out by Twelve


Out by Twelve


Bill Connors (electric guitar)


Double-Up (Pathfinder Records PTF 8620-CD)

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Bill Connors (electric guitar),

Tom Kennedy (bass), Kin Plainfield (drums)


Composed by Bill Connors


Recorded: New York; released 1986


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

The final cut on Bill Connors's Double-Up is the blatant "Out by Twelve." It is a rollicking fusion number dominated by a heavy dose of bass thunder from Tom Kennedy. There is not much of a melody heard. This piece was written to serve as first-class shredding material. Subtlety is entirely absent as Connors rips through one screeching run after another. There is a rough edge to his guitar sound. This is in contradiction to the rest of the album, on which his sound is well oiled. Drummer Plainfield is given a power turn to show his mighty chops. This was one killing power jazz-rock trio. I rate "Out by Twelve" a 0 for nuance, 50 for melody and 205 for over-the-top burning. Divide the total by 3 and we conveniently come up with 85. It is good for the musical soul to revel in some bombastic excess from time to time.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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