Andrew Hill: Divine Revelation


Divine Revelation


Andrew Hill (piano)


A Beautiful Day (Palmetto 2085)

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Andrew Hill (piano), Marty Ehrlich (reeds), Greg Tardy (reeds), Scott Colley (bass),

Dave Ballou, Ron Horton (trumpets), Mike Fahn, Joe Fielder, Charlie Gordon (trombones), Jose Davila (tuba), J.D. Parron, John Savage, Aaron Stewart (reeds), Nasheet Waits (drums)


Composed by Andrew Hill


Recorded: live at Birdland, New York, January 24-26, 2002


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

"Divine Revelation" from Andrew Hill's A Beautiful Day, a live big band date recorded at Birdland in 2002, is an example of a big band revealing a whole new world of exciting possibilities for a bandleader who usually assembles only small groups. This track, originally recorded with a quartet on the 1975 SteepleChase date Divine Revelation, allows Hill to assign some of his complex piano layering to the brass section, freeing him to interact with the dueling saxophonists throughout the majority of this track. Near the tune's conclusion, the polyrhythmic lines, usually handled by Hill himself once again, develop into a Holland-esque polymetric dialogue in the hands of the big band. Marty Ehrlich and Greg Tardy stand out here, as well as the stylish stability of Scott Colley's bass.

Reviewer: Eric Novod

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