Sean Wayland: Arc Is Enough


Arc Is Enough


Sean Wayland (keyboards)


Pistachio (Seed CD 11)

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Sean Wayland (keyboards),

Adam Rogers, James Muller (guitars), Tim Lefebvre (electric bass), Keith Carlock (drums)


Composed by Sean Wayland


Recorded: April 2008


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

In subsurface mining, you dig a long shaft into the ground in search of valuable materials such as ores, diamonds or crystal. It is hoped that this shaft, which may be dug at any angle, intersects with a naturally created vein containing much of that desired material. Once a promising vein is found, miners will follow it wherever it leads until they have excavated every last possible bit of the substance they came looking for. That, my friends, is finding a deep groove and sticking with it! That is what these fantastic musicians did when they played "Arc Is Enough" on keyboardist Sean Wayland's Pistachio.

It takes a bit of time searching and re-sharpening drill bits for this quintet to find the mother lode. This is done with mechanical and musical precision through the use of drums, bass and jagged keyboard chords. Once the band locates the target vein, an insistent jazz-rock jam band groove is employed to exploit it. Guitarist Adam Rogers bores the large rough cuts first. Wayland follows with his vibrating keyboards to push aside the leftover refuge. Those of you familiar with the honky-tonk distorted keyboard funk heard on Miles Davis's Live-Evil album will most certainly appreciate Wayland's contributions and the entire tune's midsection. James Muller follows Wayland with pinpointed guitar drilling right through the middle. You must mine until there is nothing left to mine. This 10-minute vein will eventually die. But not before this locked-in fusion combo makes sure there is not a speck of recoverable material left. This is some of the most energetic groove-mining music I have heard in some time. It is well worth your exploring.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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