Sean Wayland: Organic Cigarettes


Organic Cigarettes


Sean Wayland (Nord Modular G2 Synthesizer)


Pistachio (Seed CD 11)

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Sean Wayland (Nord Modular G2 Synthesizer),

Tim Lefebvre (bass), Keith Carlock (drums)


Composed by Sean Wayland, Tim Lefebvre & Keith Carlock


Recorded: April 2008


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

Sean Wayland's Pistachio is one of the more entertaining CDs I have heard in some time. I am a sucker for any groove-oriented fusion, and these guys seem to know it. This is especially true on "Organic Cigarettes," which I would suggest is a not too thinly disguised tribute to Weather Report. (I call them as I hear them.) The CD's liner notes mention the term "intergalactic funk." That is an apt description of the rhythm section performance of drummer Keith Carlock and bassist Tim Lefebvre on this cut. The insistent lowdown but spaced-out groove they offer is similar to workouts from jam band Medeski Martin & Wood. What takes this music farther out is Wayland's synthesizer playing. He does sound like Joe Zawinul. Sometimes he even sounds like John McLaughlin on guitar synthesizer trying to sound like Joe Zawinul! (That is the persona he chose for this cut. At other times on the CD, he sounds quite different.) Wayland plays all of his lines with the urgency of a guy searching for the right door, which is always fun to listen to.

I often discuss the current state of jazz with some of my older jazz fan friends, and even some of my contemporaries. Mostly I deal with the refrain that there is no good jazz being played anymore. I explain that they need to open their ears a bit more and accept the fact that, as with any popular music, jazz grows and changes. One of the best ways to get that point across is to shove them in the direction of an album like Pistachio. If only they would listen…

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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  • 1 Carl Orr // Nov 04, 2008 at 06:16 PM
    Go Sean!