Anne Phillips: Here's To Life


Here's To Life


Anne Phillips (vocals)


Ballet Time (Conawago Records 1013)

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Anne Phillips (vocals),

Artie Butler (Fender Rhodes)


Composed by Artie Butler & Phyllis Molinary


Recorded: Los Angeles, CA


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

Being a child of the '70s, I have a built-in hatred of the Fender Rhodes piano. It's quite simple, really, having to do with the Chicago rock band Styx and their nauseating ballad "Babe." Looking back, it seems quite unfair to the instrument. I mean, it can't be blamed for its owner's bad taste. This brings back my early thoughts on the musical tastes of my parents, who were far more likely to appreciate Anthony Newley singing "Send In The Clowns" on the Mike Douglas show than any of the "true" jazz records I tried to push in their direction. Anne Phillips's warm and mature tone again reminds me of that era, and Artie Butler supports her with beauty and grace. My positive reaction to this is yet more proof that (a) my folks knew what they were talking about, and (b) "Babe" should still be avoided at all costs.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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