Bruno Råberg: Fora Do Retrato


Fora Do Retrato


Bruno Raberg (bass)


Lifelines (Orbis OM0508)

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Bruno Raberg (bass),

Chris Cheek (soprano & tenor saxes), Ben Monder (guitar), Matt Wilson (drums)


Composed by Bruno Råberg


Recorded: Brooklyn, NY, January 26-27, June 21 and 28-29, 2007


Rating: 87/100 (learn more)

Bruno Råberg is a Swedish bassist who studied with the great Czech bassist Miroslav Vitous and has performed with many great European and American jazz artists. He is currently living in Massachusetts and teaching at Berklee. His music is both highly textured and impressionistic. On "Fora Do Retrato," one his more subdued pieces on the album, he takes a gentle, wandering stroll through a gentle musical pasture. You can hear the brushstrokes on this aural canvas as Råberg creates his landscape. His basslines are firm and anchored, onto which Cheek playfully dances with his soprano explorations. Monder is at his best in this atmospheric setting, playing in a deceptively subdued but poignantly thoughtful way. Bruno's bass climbs a wall of anticipation and punctuates the breaks with purposeful accents, leading to a safe descent from the plateau he has cleverly built.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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