Charlie Hunter: Natty Dread


Natty Dread


Charlie Hunter (8-string guitar)


Natty Dread (Blue Note 52420)

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Charlie Hunter (8-string guitar),

Calder Spanier (alto sax), Kenny Brooks (tenor sax), Scott Amendola (drums)


Composed by Rita Marley & Allen Cole


Recorded: San Francisco, CA, early 1997


Rating: 80/100 (learn more)

Charlie Hunter plays chords and basslines simultaneously on 8-string guitar. Therefore, the spotlight is clearly on him, and he delivers with carefully chosen notes from both octaves. The ensemble performance is also notable for rolling drums highlighted by tasteful cymbal work and the use of sparse horns. Both elements enliven the production a great deal and, while the arrangement is similar to Bob Marley's original, Hunter's dexterous versatility adds an important new element. This should appeal to most people because of its sheer melodiousness, and that is an accomplishment shared by the writer, interpreter and listener.

Reviewer: Marcus Singletary

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