Soulive: One In Seven


One In Seven




Soulive (Blue Note 90084)

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Neal Evans (keyboards, bass keys, clavinet), Alan Evans (drums), Eric Krasno (guitar).

Composed by Neal Evans


Recorded: live at House of Blues, New Orleans, LA, December 7, 2002


Rating: 72/100 (learn more)

Performed at a slower pace than the studio version, this live rendition is also less tight. The group is not playing as intuitively here, and the volume war between keyboardist Neal Evans and guitarist Eric Krasno is laid to rest only when an engineer audibly decreases Evans' level at 5:50. It is a challenge for a trio like Soulive to effectively fill the entire sonic palette. However, halfway through, an unusually high amount of loud processing stamps both players, and a two-minute perfunctory jam at the very end expedites an anticlimactic conclusion that the trio seems glad to have reached.

Reviewer: Marcus Singletary

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