Gilfema: Morning Dew


Morning Dew




Gilfema + 2 (Obliq Sound OS 512)

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Lionel Loueke (vocals, guitar), Ferenc Nemeth (drums), Massimo Biolcati (bass),

Anat Cohen (clarinet), John Ellis (bass clarinet, ocarina)


Composed by Lionel Loueke, Ferenc Nemeth & Massimo Biolcati


Recorded: River Edge, NJ, February 2008


Rating: 91/100 (learn more)

"Morning Dew" begins not so much as a jazz tune, but as a meditation. Percussion. A single note. A single note lower than the first. Repeat. But then the bass comes in with melodic afterthoughts. Then the clarinet. A bass clarinet, too. Finally a voice. The simplicity is still there until the melody begins to rise along with the emotional intensity. Solos are taken, with Lionel Loueke's unison vocal/guitar lines being the most memorable. While the composition ends up being much grander nearing its finish, it still manages to retain the elegant simplicity it started with. Very inspiring.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski


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