Lucia Pulido: Yo No Tengo Quien Me Quiera


Yo No Tengo Quien Me Quiera [I've No One to Love Me]


Lucia Pulido (vocals, maraca)


Waning Moon [Luna Manguante] (Adventure Music AM 1042 2)

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Lucia Pulido (vocals, maraca),

Stomu Takeishi (bass)


Text by Manuel Mejia Vallejo


Recorded: 2008


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

For those playing along in English, "I've No One To Love Me" finds Colombian singer Lucia Pulido in a lovely duet with bassist Stomu Takeishi. With his extremely woody bass, so full of texture and ringing harmonics, Takeishi is the absolute perfect foil for Pulido's strikingly rich and beautiful voice. The melding of these two instruments, together with a gorgeous and wide-ranging melody, winds up telling the intended story, even though not a word was understood.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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