Shaun Barrowes: Separate Trains


Separate Trains


Shaun Barrowes (vocals, piano)


Big Bang Theory (Slice the Pie)

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Shaun Barrowes (vocals, piano),

Scott Foster (guitar, backup vocals), Denson Angulo (bass), Jay Lawrence (drums), Ricardo Romero (percussion)


Composed by Shaun Barrowes


Recorded: 2007


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

Whenever a jazz reviewer spots promotional references to American Idol, Billy Joel and Sting, he reaches instinctively into his toolkit for that can of hyperbole mace. Even so, the music of Shaun Barrowes caught my ear. His singing brings to mind a more pop-orientated Michael Bublé, tossed with a side of John Mayer. Barrowes adds some interesting accents with his piano work without smothering the vocals. All of which might turn off the jazz purist, but I'd bet that wouldn't bother Mr. Barrowes one bit.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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