Levitts: Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most


Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most




We Are The Levitts (ESP Disk 1095)

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Stella Levitt (vocals), Al Levitt (drums),

Don Hellar (vocals), Bob Leeman, Chick Corea (piano), Evaline Steinbock (cello), Teddy Kotick (bass)


Composed by Tommy Wolf & Fran Landesman; arranged by Bob Leeman


Recorded: Fall 1968


Rating: 84/100 (learn more)

Some people look back at this 1960s with a sneer. Yes, the war protests and the summer of love and all of that unintentionally devolved into a sad black comedy of sorts. On the other hand, there was a cultural innocence that fostered some inspiring (to say nothing of odd) art. The Levitts were a family outfit whose output might have you thinking of The Partridge Family on an acid trip. Adding to the weirdness is the fact that some tracks came across as quite normal. Their rendition of "Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most" isn't hugely different from Ella Fitzgerald's version. Stella Levitt's voice is certainly pleasant enough, and Chick Corea adds some "jazz cred" to the proceedings. When the tune morphs from ballad to a light Brazilian feel, you get the odd feeling you're on the set of the Mike Douglas show.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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