Carl Orr: Non-violence Is the Only Way Forward


Non-violence Is the Only Way Forward


Carl Orr (guitar)


Absolute Freedom (Carl Orr KR 01)

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Carl Orr (guitar),

Adam Glasser (keyboards), Neville Malcolm (bass), Davide de Rose (drums)


Composed by Carl Orr


Recorded: Hertfordshire, England, July 2001


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

I find the title of this cut to be quite ironic. I agree with the sentiment completely. But Orr and his band literally take no prisoners on "Non-violence is the only way forward." It is shoot first and ask questions later. Orr has channeled Tommy Bolin for this battle. Having loaded his guitar with every possible type of ammunition, he mows down subtlety. The allusion to Bolin is not a singular comparison. There is a driving rhythm to the song that was also present when Bolin played on Billy Cobham's seminal Spectrum. This is present in Orr's spraying notes, Neville Malcolm's bass and even Adam Glasser's electric piano. Drummer Davide de Rose is not Billy Cobham, but he can still play with a driving power. This is the type of fusion that gets us jazz-rock fanatics all up in arms. We'll follow its banner into battle. I suppose once we have killed all the enemy forces, "Non-violence is the only way forward."

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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