Ben Pollack: Cryin' for the Carolines


Cryin' for the Carolines


Ben Pollack and His Orchestra


The Complete Hit of the Week Recordings, Volume 1 (Archeophone 3002)

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Ben Pollack (leader, vocals), Jack Teagarden (trombone), Matty Matlock (clarinet, alto sax),

Rudy Weinstein, Charlie Teagarden (trumpets), Harry Goodman (tuba), Gil Rodin (clarinet, alto and soprano saxes, flute), Larry Binyon (clarinet, soprano and tenor saxes, flute), Vic Briedis (piano), Dick Morgan (banjo, guitar), Ed Bergman, Alex Beller (violins), Ray Bauduc (drums)


Composed by Sam Lewis, Joe Young & Harry Warren


Recorded: New York, mid-January 1930


Rating: 80/100 (learn more)

By 1930, Ben Pollack had long stepped away from his drum kit to become the leader-in-front and vocalist. He and his all-star band had to scramble for work by 1930, and casual jobs were supplemented by recordings. This is one of only two sides they did for Hit of the Week, a label that made flexible records sold at newsstands for 15. Initially quite successful, Hit of the Week ran into money problems and by 1933 was a memory. Most of its product was geared for the average listener who didn't care for jazz, but every once in a while, a band such as Pollack's would make a couple of sides. (Duke Ellington also recorded for Hit of the Week.) "Cryin' for the Carolines" was the better of the two Pollack recordings, but not by much. It does feature solos by Jack Teagarden and Matty Matlock, and while these are not the best work of either man, they are certainly worth hearing at least once.

Reviewer: Jeff Sultanof

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