Bob Dorough & Dave Frishberg: I'm Hip


I'm Hip


Bob Dorough (vocals, piano) and Dave Frishberg (vocals, piano)


Who's on First? (Blue Note 23403)

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Bob Dorough (vocals, piano), Dave Frishberg (vocals, piano).

Composed by Dave Frishberg & Bob Dorough


Recorded: live at The Jazz Bakery, Los Angeles, CA, November 5-7, 1999


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

Dave Frishberg became a big Bob Dorough admirer when he heard Bob's first album, Devil May Care, around 1956. When they met in New York several years later, they aspired to become a songwriting team, but little came of it except for an engagingly witty tune that has stood the test of time. "I'm Hip," with Dave's lyrics set to Bob's music, became an obvious choice for their first recording together in 1999, by which time they had each sung it separately countless times.

In his spoken introduction on the CD, Dorough proudly remarks that "I'm Hip" even made a New York Times crossword puzzle (clue: "tune by Frishberg & Dorough"). Dorough takes the vocal to begin, singing a few stanzas before veering off into a scatted interlude that is soon interrupted by Frishberg calling out, "Wait a minute, you think you're hip. Dig on this, homey," and then proceeding to play a bombastic piano figure that sends them both into mock ecstasy. Frishberg vocalizes his remaining lyrics, and, as always, the line that draws the biggest laugh is this: "Now I'm deep into Zen, meditation, and macrobiotics, and as soon as I can, I intend to get into narcotics." At one point Frishberg starts uncontrollably repeating the words "I'm Hip" in a foggy overdone baritone, only to crack up the audience even more by admitting to be doing "a little Arthur Prysock." To hear either one of them sing this tune is worth the price of admission. Together, they are unbeatable.

Reviewer: Scott Albin

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