Bob Dorough: Devil May Care


Devil May Care


Bob Dorough (piano, vocals)


Devil May Care (Bethlehem Archives/Avenue Jazz 75994)

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Bob Dorough (piano, vocals),

Warren Fitzgerald (trumpet), Bill Takas (bass), Jerry Segal (drums)


Composed by Bob Dorough


Recorded: New York, October 1956


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

Bethlehem Records folded shortly releasing Bob Dorough's first album, Devil May Care, in 1956, but his debut's many diverse wonders helped seed the beginnings of a loyal (if small) fan base that included Miles Davis. The title track, which Miles would record in 1962, is a defiant, upbeat, rhythmically intense tune that Dorough wrote during his early years in New York spent indulging in the city's frenetic jazz scene. It expresses lyrically how he felt at the time: "Live and love today / Let come tomorrow what may / Don't ever stop for a sigh / It doesn't help if you cry / That's why I'll live and I'll die / Devil may care." Warren Fitzgerald's opening trumpet fanfare, along with Bill Takas's driving bassline and Jerry Segal's taut cymbal pulse, pave the way for Dorough's cocksure vocal, his slight Arkansas twang and soft, occasionally breaking voice making him sound like an engagingly hip hillbilly. Fitzgerald's hearty Clifford Brown-influenced trumpet solo and Dorough's own sprightly piano interlude, prior to his zestful vocal reaffirmation, help complete this signature Dorough track.

Reviewer: Scott Albin

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