Bob Dorough: I Get the Neck of the Chicken


I Get the Neck of the Chicken


Bob Dorough (piano, vocals)


Right on My Way Home (Blue Note 57729-2)

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Bob Dorough (piano, vocals), Joe Lovano (tenor sax), Christian McBride (bass), Billy Hart (drums).

Composed by Frank Loesser & Jimmy McHugh


Recorded: New York, May 6, 1997


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

Bob Dorough probably first heard "I Get the Neck of the Chicken" while in the Army during World War II. Introduced in the 1942 film Seven Days' Leave, the orchestras of both Cab Calloway and Freddy Martin recorded it, as did Kate Smith. Dorough's high and unpolished, put-upon voice is perfect for capturing this amusing tale of a sad-sack loser who unexplainably succeeds in his love life: "I get the neck of the chicken / I get the hand-me-down tie / I get the liver and the gizzard / I get the small piece of pie / If I get the neck of the chicken / How did I ever get you?" Some of Dorough's clever lines appear to be of his own creation, not Frank Loesser's, such as his hard-to-resist closer, "You so edibobble, baby, you a drumstick!" (Yet he uncharacteristically leaves out the verse.) Lovano is in exuberant form, both while playing the catchy melody at the open and then later surging through a warmhearted solo replete with authoritative, crisply flowing runs. Dorough on piano frolics lucidly with a distinctly boppish mindset, and bassist Christian McBride offers an articulate and forceful statement as well. At age 73 and on his first-ever release for a major label, Bob Dorough showed everyone that he hadn't lost a step.

Reviewer: Scott Albin

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