Bob Dorough: I've Got Just About Everything


I've Got Just About Everything


Bob Dorough (piano, vocals)


Too Much Coffee Man (Blue Note 99239)

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Bob Dorough (piano, vocals), Phil Woods (alto sax),

Joe Cohn (guitar), Tony Marino (bass), Jamey Haddad (drums)


Composed by Bob Dorough


Recorded: Saylorsburg, PA, April 18 & December 14, 1998, and May 6 & 28, 1999


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

Bob Dorough had been singing "I've Got Just About Everything," the title tune of his 1966 LP, for over 30 years when he recorded it again for his second Blue Note CD. He has called it "a really hip love song with a kind of jazz feel, " and it bears a similar relentless propulsion and ebullience in its lyrics as his "Nothing Like You," another older composition (with Fran Landesman) that he got to record with Miles Davis.

After Phil Woods and Joe Cohn play a spirited intro, Dorough romps through the lyrics with flair, his always-relaxed sense of time making the words flow in the way only an assured jazz singer can. The gist of the message: "Just say you'll be my own, my one and only one, and I can say I've got everything I need." If not, he sings with typical humility, "living without it I might turn out a slob, at best remain a blob." The grossly underappreciated guitarist Cohn solos delightfully with precise, luminous phrasing and a self-contained continuity. Woods's alto then soars with gusto over the enticing changes, followed boisterously by drummer Haddad. Dorough's vocal reprise is capped by Woods's fervent obbligato.
This is among Bob Dorough's most enjoyable works, and one that never grows tiresome.

Reviewer: Scott Albin

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