Bob Dorough: Nothing Like You


Nothing Like You


Bob Dorough (piano, vocals)


Beginning to See the Light (out-of-print LP only)


Bob Dorough (piano, vocals), Bill Takas (electric bass).

Composed by Bob Dorough & Fran Landesman


Recorded: live at Concerts by the Sea, Redondo Beach, CA, April 1976


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

Bob Dorough's first three albums as a leader came at 10-year intervals, and Beginning to See the Light was the third, on his own Laissez-Faire label. (Regrettably, the LP has never been reissued on CD.) "Nothing Like You" was an early collaboration between Dorough and lyricist Fran Landesman, the latter best known for "Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most" and "The Ballad of the Sad Young Men." Dorough first recorded it in 1962 with Miles Davis, arranged by Gil Evans, and the brief vocal mysteriously appeared on Miles's Sorcerer release four years later, which puzzled more than a few of the trumpeter's fans.

Bassist Bill Takas performed and recorded with Dorough from the mid-'50s until shortly before his death in 1998, and often in a duo format. They had a special rapport, as can be heard on this track. Dorough plays the churning melody on piano with Takas's reverberating electric bass alternating between unison lines or complementary chords. Subtitled "An Extravagant Love Song," the words that Dorough next emphatically sings indeed offer an abundance of laudatory sentiments regarding a lover: "Nothing can match the rapture of your embrace, nothing can catch the magic that's in your face no one has your magnificence." Dorough's melodic piano solo is stirring, as Takas sensitively shadows him all the way with a firm yet agile pulse. This live version is twice the length of the one on Sorcerer, and is the better for it.

Reviewer: Scott Albin

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