Carl Orr: JFP (John Francis Pastorius)




Carl Orr (guitar)


Blue Thing (Polygram RF 015)

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Carl Orr (guitar),

Dale Barlow (tenor sax), Martyn Love (keyboards), Adam Armstrong (bass), Andrew Gander (drums), Fabian Hevia (percussion)


Composed by Carl Orr


Recorded: Sydney, Australia, April 1995


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

"JFP," named in honor of the great bassist Jaco (Francis) Pastorius, stands on its own merits on guitarist Carl Orr's Blue Thing. It is a good piece of jazz-fusion music. But the mere act of a guitar player writing a song in memory of a bass player is further indication that Jaco's influence went beyond his particular instrumental technique. Jaco was full of ideas that could be expressed on any instrument and in many forms. Still, Jaco was a bassist, and Orr lets his bassist Adam Armstrong pay his own tribute by affording him a dominant position. Armstrong does the master proud with some fast fingering and interesting phrasing. He does not imitate Pastorius because that would have been foolish and impossible. Later on, Orr takes his own turn. As always, his playing is superlative. Tenor saxophonist Dale Barlow enters, and he and Orr go at it in a grooving progressive jazz section. "JFP" is a first-class composition that Jaco would have enjoyed playing. Of course, he wouldn't have played it in this way. That's what he was all about.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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