Chico Pinheiro & Anthony Wilson: Planicie




Chico Pinheiro (acoustic guitar) and Anthony Wilson (electric guitar)


Nova (Goat Hill Recordings)

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Chico Pinheiro (acoustic guitar), Anthony Wilson (electric guitar),

Swami Jr. (7-string acoustic guitar)


Composed by Chico Pinheiro


Recorded: Sao Paulo, Brazil, June 2006


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

Here is a case where less is most certainly more, in that the interlocked guitar arpeggios, while inspiring in and of themselves (and where the handoff of ideas seems telepathic), are not just background and structure but integral parts of the solo passages to follow. Guitars, 6- and 7-string acoustic plus electric, all seem to be living inside the same melodic storyline. There are times when the shift from one instrument to the next is so subtle as to defy reality. Imagine a beautiful chord solo (by, say, Gene Bertoncini), and then recast it with three guitars.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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