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Gunter Hampel (vibes, bass clarinet, flute)


Music From Europe (ESP 1042)

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Gunter Hampel (vibes, bass clarinet, flute),

Willem Breuker (soprano, alto, tenor & baritone saxes; clarinet, bass clarinet), Piet Veening (bass), Pierre Courbois (percussion)


Composed by Gunter Hampel


Recorded: Baarn, Holland, December 21, 1966


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

Wow, and you thought "Klactoveesedstene" was tough to pronounce! Well, no matter. The fun here is in the listening. During the composition's opening minutes, Willem Breuker and Gunter Hamel run incredible circles around each other clarinets, flutes and saxophone careening with abandon. Some full-band cacophony (my goodness, Breuker might give Peter Brotzmann a run for his money) leads into a Hampel/Corbois vibraphone/drum duet of sorts. This takes us slowly back into horns-behaving-badly madness. Hampel dedicated this piece to Eric Dolphy. The result is certainly in that spirit. When the last cymbal strike rings off into the distance, you will find yourself reaching for the repeat button.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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  • 1 Wayne Robinson // Apr 02, 2009 at 06:34 PM
    Yo Gunther, It's me Wayne, the percussionist, Garfield's, brother, his main man. I've been hangin out here in the mid-west. I've been here for some time. I haven't seen you in awhile; however, I've written to Garfield and the letter came back. I lost his phone number, but as I remember from time to time, you're in contact with him through his old lady's e-mail. Help a brother out, get in touch with Garfield, and tell him to call us: 314/865-3858 or e-mail at We'll put you in our e-mail list; we'll keep you in the loop. We're doing fantastic stuff out here with the Missouri Folk Artists and University of Missouri's Anthropology Department (in Columbia Missouri). Hope to get you out to the midwest sometime soon, maybe collaborate on some great project, you know do some art, have some fun. It ain't New York, but what the heck, and I ain't selling records on the street, so there (laugh). I'm hangin out with a Mexican Chicana poet by the name of Maria Guadalupe Massey a.k.a. chingasdaughter. We're based in St. Louis Missouri along the Mississippi River, 4 hours outside of Chicago, go figure.