Karel Velebny: Andulko Safarova


Andulko Safarova


Karel Velebny (tenor sax, bass clarinet, vibes)


SHQ (ESP 1080)

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Karel Velebny (tenor sax, bass clarinet, vibes),

Jiri Stivin (alto sax, flute, recorder), Ludek Svabensky (piano), Karel Vejvoda (bass), Josef Vejvoda (drums)


Composed by Karel Velebny


Recorded: Germany, 1968


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

This feels like a requiem for something or somebody. Maybe for a really big fan of Rahsaan Roland Kirk who met with a tragic end? Seriously, I hate to make light of Velbny's composition because it's a very textured affair just loaded with ominous sounds and off-kilter rhythms. Beginning with phrases presented by flute, recorder and bowed bass, successive rounds are punctuated with chunks of prepared piano, scraped bass strings, bells, and some of the moodiest bass clarinet passages you've ever heard. A lively, almost angry flute does come in to make a few insistent statements before the full band plays out the tune's last spooky lament.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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