Mitchel Forman: My Foolish Heart


My Foolish Heart


Mitchel Forman (piano)


Now and Then: A Tribute to Bill Evans (Novus 63165-2)

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Mitchel Forman (piano), Eddie Gomez (bass), Jack DeJohnette (drums).

Composed by Ned Washington & Victor Young


Recorded: December 1992


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

I can never say enough great things about Mitchel Forman. To me, he is one the best interpretive piano players and composers we have today. You put him together with legends drummer Jack DeJohnette and bassist Eddie Gomez to play the music of Bill Evans, and you get magic all over again.

Evans didn't write "My Foolish Heart," but it was part of his repertoire. Forman adds his own introduction on this performance. I'd pay just to hear that short section. Forman plays a beautiful "My Foolish Heart." DeJohnette gently brushes his cymbals as Gomez adds melodic accents by sliding up and down the neck of his bass and finishing the pianist's runs. This is just damn lovely stuff performed by an overly gifted Evans admirer and a rhythm section that truly knew the man and his music in an intimate way. I challenge anyone not to get lost in it. From the quality of this performance, I would say DeJohnette and Gomez came to know Mitchel Forman as well.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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