Santana: Yours Is The Light


Yours Is The Light




Lotus (Columbia C2K 46764)

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Carlos Santana (guitar),

Leon Thomas (vocals), Richard Kermode (keyboards), Doug Rauch (bass), Michael Shrieve (drums), Armando Peraza, Jose Areas (percussion)


Composed by Richard Kermode


Recorded: Osaka, Japan, July 1973


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

To be a Santana fan while he was bouncing back and forth between pop-rock and jazz-fusion must have been a pretty confusing predicament. Open-minded fans probably loved it, while pure pop fans were disappointed. Pure fusion fans were probably wondering when he would stop playing that pop crap. Music is in the ear of the beholder. Santana lost fans by the scores when he started playing fusion. The man should be given much credit for following his soul. Some three decades later he still dives into both worlds. Today's fans understand this and want to hear both genres. But back in 1973 when Lotus was recorded, there was no such understanding. Santana's pop performances on this record received far greater response from the crowd than his fusion instrumentals. It is probably no surprise to you that I prefer the jazz-rock material.

"Yours Is The Light" is actually among the less weighty fusion numbers. Its writer, Richard Kermode, created a wonderful uplifting melody. The tune's midsection increases in intensity. Santana plays with the same spiritual fire he did on Love Devotion Surrender, recorded with John McLaughlin the same year. I am sure not everyone in the crowd was ready for that. Kermode himself adds some great jazz-tinged electric piano. The band finds a jazz-rock Latin groove that will have you bobbing your head. You know, between you and me, that pop stuff Santana plays isn't all that bad. I am happy to listen to it if I am going to get some of his fusion in between numbers.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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