April Hall: You Must Believe In Spring


You Must Believe In Spring


April Hall (vocals)


Fun Out of Life (Bee Boy 0902)

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April Hall (vocals),

Jon Damian (guitar)


Composed by Michel Legrand, Jacques Demy, Alan & Marilyn Bergman


Recorded: Boston, MA, date not given; released October 2008


Rating: 96/100 (learn more)

April Hall is a Boston-based singer with a voice so flexible and wide-ranging that she can sound like several completely different vocalists as you move from track to track on her Fun Out of Life CD. Her strongest performances come on bluesy numbers such as "Boogie Woogie Blues" and "Please Send Me Someone to Love" where she allows her voice free reign, as well as on "How Deep is the Ocean" and especially "You Must Believe in Spring," where controlled intonation and tasteful, subtle phrasing are the keys to success.

The dramatically emotional "You Must Believe in Spring" is a challenge for any singer, and Hall's interpretation is one of the better ones you'll ever hear. No vocal tricks or horn-like phrasing, but rather a commanding, sharply focused approach that would transfix a live club audience, bringing even the rudest patrons to rapt silence. Jon Damian's lovely guitar intro and coda, as well as his accompaniment and impressive Joe Pass-flavored solo, only help to magnify the impact of this duet track, his playing a perfect complement for Hall's lustrous voice. Her resonant timbre and varied delivery are to be admired, and she's equally assured in both the upper and lower registers. One must also note Hall's refined inflections and flawlessly sustained long tones. This is a heartfelt, moving and unassuming version of a classic song.

Reviewer: Scott Albin

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