Bryan Beller: Love Terror Adrenaline / Break Through


Love Terror Adrenaline / Break Through


Bryan Beller (bass, rhythm guitar, keyboards, percussion)


Thanks In Advance (Onion Boy OBR-6913002)

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Bryan Beller (bass, rhythm guitar, keyboards, percussion), Mike Keneally (lead guitar, keyboards),

Rick Musallam (rhythm guitar), Marco Minnemann (drums)


Composed by Bryan Beller


Recorded: Nashville, TN, 2008


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

I would review every cut on Bryan Beller's Thanks In Advance if's policy allowed me to do so. That is how much I like this album. Beller is joined by frequent collaborator guitarist Mike Keneally for the wonderfully titled "Love Terror Adrenaline / Break Through." Keneally and Beller, who is also a member of the Mike Keneally Band, have shared musical visions and adventures for quite a few years. A tightly frantic performance like this one bears that out. "Love Terror Adrenaline / Break Through" is as dramatic a progressive rock and fusion tune as you will likely hear these days. Maddening riffs and tense interludes dominate the frenetic song. Keneally sounds panicked. Beller seems full of anxiety too as he doubles up with Keneally on some vexing unison runs. The frenzy increases in tempo. Urgency is the master. The breakthrough comes as the piece evolves into an excited fusion anthem. Beller and Keneally finally slow things down with a tender bass and piano duet. It blows my mind that Keneally played both that blazing guitar and understated piano. I am making it official. It is going to take one hell of a CD to knock Thanks In Advance off the top of my personal playlist. Bryan Beller is both an accomplished bassist and an intriguing composer. You should pay close attention to him from now on.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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