Natsuki Tamura & Satoko Fujii: Infrared




Natsuki Tamura (trumpet) and Satoko Fujii (piano)


Chun (Libra Records 102-022)

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Natsuki Tamura (trumpet), Satoko Fujii (piano).

Composed by Satoko Fujii


Recorded: New York, July 2, 2008


Rating: 91/100 (learn more)

Cecil Taylor and Lester Bowie on acid? Sort of. Though that description does a disservice to all parties involved, I must point out that this track does contains a large bag of what made those two musicians so special: blistering unison runs, aggressive and percussive piano clusters, and energy-soaked sheets of sound. What sets this apart from a lot of modern "energy music" is the obvious fact that Tamura and Fujii are also engaged in an exercise in very deep listening. Musical thoughts come together as they construct a pulsing wall of sound, then attempt to smash it to bits.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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