Satoko Fujii Orchestra Nagoya: Gokaku




Satoko Fujii Orchestra Nagoya


Sanrei (Bakamo Records BKM-007)


Satoko Fujii (leader),

Natsuki Tamura, Tsutomu Watenabe, Tahahiro Tsujita, Misaki Ishiwata (trumpets), Tomoyuki Mihara (trombone), Toshinori Terukina (trombone, euphonium), Tatsuki Yoshino (tuba), Shingo Takeda, Akihiko Yoshimaru (alto saxes), Kenichi Matsumoto (tenor sax), Yoshiyuki Hirao (baritone sax), Atsutomo Ishigaki (guitar), Atsutomo Ishigaki (bass), Hisamine Kondo (drums)


Composed by Natsuki Tamura


Recorded: live at Tokuzo, Nagoya, Japan, September 2, 2007


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

After years of cracking open recordings and poring over liner notes while new music spills from the speakers, it's always kind of fun (and funny!) to be completely surprised by something. In this case, I was certain that the CD had a manufacturing defect. I mean, the data sheet listed a huge ensemble full of saxes, trumpets and trombones. After bracing myself for a brass onslaught, I'm slapped upside the head by a distorted rhythm guitar part that would not be out of place on a Kiss record. What the hell?! I actually popped out the disc to make sure it matched the CD liner. Yup, all there! Perplexing. Well, after a fashion the horns do make themselves known, and in a big way. What follows is over 10 minutes of exuberant and barely controlled brass madness that stretches the ideas inherent in the basic riff almost completely out of shape. You'll be tempted to think they've lost it when the Captain Beefheart-esque vocals threaten full-on disorder, but you'll be as wrong as I was at the beginning of the track. Really great stuff.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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