Bill Connors: Sea Coy


Sea Coy


Bill Connors (guitar)


Assembler (Pathfinder Records PTF8707-CD)

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Bill Connors (guitar),

Tom Kennedy (electric bass), Kim Plainfield (drums)


Composed by Bill Connors


Recorded: New York City, June 1987


Rating: 87/100 (learn more)

"Sea Coy" is an interesting title. I like the way it looks and sounds. When I Googled it, Google wanted to know if I was referring to "sea cow." So I guess it has no special meaning beyond the composer's thoughts. That is too bad. I wanted to learn something.

On his albums Double-Up and Assembler, guitarist Bill Connors veered back and forth between the jazz-rock and progressive rock worlds. But when he soloed, he was clearly in fusion land. "Sea Coy" is really just an excuse for a high-powered jam. A good power trio had to be really good in order to carry this type of music off for any particular period of time. If you could still maintain the listener's interest after five minutes you had done a good job. The rollicking guitar, thumping drums and rolling bass propel this excited number along for 30 seconds longer than that. Could they have sustained this energy for much longer? I don't know. But, as they say, you always want to leave 'em wanting more.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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