Steve Marcus: Tomorrow Never Knows


Tomorrow Never Knows


Steve Marcus (soprano sax)


Tomorrow Never Knows (Water Music 120)

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Steve Marcus (soprano sax), Larry Coryell (guitar),

Mike Nock (piano), Chris Hills (bass), Bob Moses (drums)


Composed by Lennon/McCartney


Recorded: 1968


Rating: 83/100 (learn more)

The Beatles' 1966 album Revolver fired a psychedelic salvo that reverberated through not only the rock community but certain jazz circles as well. Saxophonist Steve Marcus always had his ears open to rock happenings, and his cover of Revolver's boldest track, "Tomorrow Never Knows," was one of the first jazz-directed explorations of the psychedelic realm. His soprano sax echoes John Lennon's detached and ethereal vocals, while Bob Moses lays out his own adaptation of one of rock's most famous drum beats. Mike Nock's solo is the highlight, stacking fourth chords beneath motive-based improvised lines. While Marcus spirals deep into the Coltrane-esque reaches of outer space, Coryell and Nock broaden the sonic potential of their instruments; Coryell strums heavy open chords, experiments with violent, stabbing feedback and wah and echo pedals, and Nock plucks and pats his piano's strings. Although Hills's gravitational bass pedaling prevents his bandmates from permanently escaping into the cosmos, 11 minutes of his incessant thumping leaves something to be desired.

Reviewer: Matt Leskovic

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