Sun Ra: Brainville




Sun Ra (organ, piano)


Delmark 55 Years of Jazz (Delmark DE 914)

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Sun Ra (organ, piano), John Gilmore (tenor sax, percussion), Pat Patrick (baritone sax, bells),

Arthur Hoyle, David Young (trumpet, bells), Julian Priester (trombone, chimes), James Scales (alto sax), Richard Evans (bass), Wilburn Green (bass, tambourine), Robert Barry (drums, bells), James Herndon (timbales, bells, tympani)


Composed by Sun Ra


Recorded: July 12, 1956


Rating: 91/100 (learn more)

When a Sun Ra composition doesn't head directly into the land of the freaky, the spacey, the alter-destiny (which I think of as a special section of the Sun Ra Jazz Theme Park), more often than not you can still end up hearing the wacky bits as they float over the retaining wall. "Brainville" is no exception. In this case, a randy baritone sax struts in over the introductory piano vamp, leading to a full horn section building up the main theme. When solos are taken, the horns comp away using a variety of shapes and intensities. As you would expect, both John Gilmore and Pat Patrick (reprising the baritone) make their presence known with tremendously fun and swinging solos. This might be the "normal" part of the theme park, but it doesn't take a big stretch to imagine what's going down on the other side of that wall.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski


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