Warsaw Village Band: Wise Kid Song


Wise Kid Song


Warsaw Village Band


Infinity (Jaro Records 4289)

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Maja Kleszcz (vocals, cello), Magdalena Sobczak–Kotnarowska (vocals, dulcimer), Sylwia Swiatkowska (vocals, violin, suka, fiddle), Wojtek Krzak (violin, nyckelharpa, drums), Piotr Glinski (baraban drum, percussion), Maciej Szajkowsk (frame drums)


Composed and arranged by Maja Kleszcz, Wojtek Krzak and R. T. Tymanski


Recorded: Wisla, Poland, March 2008


Rating: 91/100 (learn more)

The wedding is getting out of control. You have had too much ?ubrówka vodka, and even though you cut the last one with apple juice—the bartender called it szarlotka—the world around you starts to blur. The band is playing a crazy 6/8 number, the string instruments and voices in some drawn-out battle for supremacy. The words seem shouted rather than sung, or maybe it's a fight breaking out by the bandstand. You head toward the noise, but before you get there a girl in a peasant dress and intense hazel-colored eyes grabs you by the hand and pulls you into a dance. You can hardly stand, so how can you even think of mastering these movements. The voices have dropped out now, and the strings come together in a throbbing repetitive vamp, devilish music for a migraine mazurka. Somehow you fall into the proper steps—or maybe you just make up your own. This song seems to have taken up permanent residency inside your head, and you want to ask the girl in the peasant dress what the words mean—the singers have started shouting again—but your partner has gone. The music has subsided but it continues to play on in your memory. You have a hunch that this melody will stay with you for the next few days, unless you can kill it with something stronger. You turn toward the bar, in quest for another glass of ?ubrówka. This time, you will take it straight.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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  • 1 klos // May 01, 2009 at 04:03 PM
    une musique unique au monde, avec un rythm inubliable et arangement oryginals et personnels!!! trios fois bravo!!!! J.T.Klos
  • 2 klos // May 01, 2009 at 04:08 PM
    ...chcialbym Was widzeiec i slyszec czesciej we Francji...i oczywiscie w Grenoble!!!! J.T.Klos