Stanley Clarke: Song to John (Part 2)


Song to John (Part 2)


Stanley Clarke (acoustic bass)


Journey to Love (Epic EK 36974)

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Stanley Clarke (acoustic bass), John McLaughlin (acoustic guitar), Chick Corea (acoustic piano).

Composed by Stanley Clarke


Recorded: New York, 1975


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

"Song to John (Part 2)" appears as a separate cut from "Song to John (Part 1)" on Stanley Clarke's Journey to Love. And indeed on the original LP the songs were on different sides of the record. Still, you can consider "Part 1" a prelude to "Part 2." Part 2 is diametrically opposed to Part 1. It is a high-tempo riff fest. Each master musician takes a couple of blistering solos. In the turnarounds they play in a frenzied unison. McLaughlin used his Shakti scalloped-fretboard guitar for this session. It is quite a treat listening to him and Corea mimic each other. Believe me, hearing these jazz-rock superstars play together in such a fantastic way was every fusion fan's wet dream. It is good to see that 30+ years later, Clarke is returning to this type of music. We have missed him.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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