Brad Leali - Claus Raible Quartet: Puddin' Time


Puddin' Time


Brad Leali (alto sax) and Claus Raible (piano)


D.A.'s Time (TCB 28912)

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Brad Leali (alto sax), Claus Raible (piano),

Giorgos Antoniou (bass), Alvester Garnett (drums)


Composed by Brad Leali


Recorded: Zurich, Switzerland, May 2, 2007


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

A single low note played by pianist Claus Raible opens this old-school styled gospel jazz number. Seconds later, Brad Leali's alto sax begins a mesmerizing sermon divinely inspired by the almighty Charlie Parker via his disciple Hank Mobley. Brad's bellowing is enhanced by the kind of highly reverberant miking seldom heard since the salad days of Blue Note records. It's a mystery to me why that's so, especially considering how convincingly it brings out Leali's soul-drenched lines. When drummer Alvester Garnett launches into his mini-solo, its thunder summons the ghost of Art Blakey. All told, "Puddin' Time" conjures up a 1950s late-night jam session at a Manhattan nightclub. In other words, an image of jazz at its purest.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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