Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles: Lava




Carlos Santana (guitar) and Buddy Miles (drums)


Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles Live (Columbia Legacy CK 66416)

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Carlos Santana (guitar), Buddy Miles (drums),

Robert Hogins (organ), Neal Schon (guitar), Ron Johnson (bass), Gregg Errico (drums), Coke Escovedo (timbales), Victor Pantoja, Michael Carabello, James Mingo Luis (Lewis) (possibly on congas)


Composed by Buddy Miles


Recorded: live in Oahu, Hawaii, January 1972


Rating: 87/100 (learn more)

In this live concert, the band transitions from John McLaughlin's tune "Marbles" into Buddy Miles's composition "Lava." The piece is based on a simple but piercing, driving riff that Santana, bassist Ron Johnson and possibly guitarist Neal Schon drive into the ground as drummers Miles and Gregg Errico wail away. Santana, through the use of some effects, plays a psychedelic freak-out solo. Hide the parents! Boy, do I miss those days! Just as it was ushered in by "Marbles," the tune returns to the head of that piece to bring things to a close as thousands of fans cheer their appreciation. "Lava" was a harbinger of more intense fusion eruptions in the near future.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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