Grant Green: Betcha By Golly Wow


Betcha By Golly Wow


Grant Green (guitar)


Live at the Lighthouse (Blue Note 93381)

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Grant Green (guitar),

Claude Bartee (soprano and tenor saxes), Shelton Laster (organ), Gary Coleman (vibes), Wilton Felder (bass), Greg Williams (drums), Bobbye Porter Hall (congas, percussion)


Composed by Thom Bell & Linda Creed


Recorded: Hermosa Beach, CA, April 21, 1972


Rating: 72/100 (learn more)

After audible audience profanity during the intro drags this track down a notch, five minutes of chorus reiteration induces full-blown nausea. This take is very inconsistent; the winsome aura of "The Stylistics' R&B hit" is offered up with perfect pathos at first, but quickly becomes tedious due to its lack of challenges. It is a clear recording, but the place where it ends up is surprising, given the song's instant familiarity. The first two minutes contain gently building, subtle dramatics, but given its unflinching repetition, most of the performance is tough to digest.

Reviewer: Marcus Singletary

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