Boogaloo Joe Jones: Right On


Right On



Right On Brother (PRCD-30659)

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Boogaloo Joe Jones (guitar), Charles Earland (organ), Bernard Purdie (drums),

Rusty Bryant (tenor and alto saxes), Jimmy Lewis (Fender bass)


Composed by Ivan “Boogaloo” Joe Jones


Recorded: Englewood Cliffs, NJ, February 16, 1970


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

As the 1960s turned into the '70s, soul jazz co-opted bigger chunks of contemporary R&B, resulting in funkier, deeper grooves. Lou Donaldson, George Benson and Charles Earland all made records that closely identified with the style, as did "Boogaloo" Joe Jones.

Built entirely from a 2- chord riff, "Right On" has a very straightforward mission, but it was carried out by those best equipped to do so. Boogaloo had the great organist Earland on board, after all, in addition to Rusty Bryant and "Pretty" Purdie. Bryant turns in a muscular tenor sax solo, while Earland contributes a well-constructed, boiling cauldron of soul that he was so well known for. Still and all, Purdie's trademark shuffle is where the funkiness begins. As for Jones, he wasn't blessed with the range or harmonic sophistication of Benson, but he could nearly match him on torrid single-note runs and likewise play with a great rhythmic sense. Those were qualities that were optimally suited for "Right On." When everyone is getting the maximum mileage out of a groove, a 2-chord riff is all that's needed.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron

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