Weather Report: Nubian Sundance


Nubian Sundance


Weather Report


Mysterious Traveller (Columbia KC 32494)

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Wayne Shorter (tenor sax), Joe Zawinul (keyboards), Alphonso Johnson (electric bass),

Ishmael Wilburn (drums), Skip Hadden (drums), Dom Um Romao (percussion)


Composed by Joe Zawinul


Recorded: Hollywood, California, February-May 1974


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

Josef Zawinul really had a knack for composition. From the opening crowd simulation to the absolutely stellar work by Hadden and Romão on drums and percussion, this may be the quintessential Weather Report tune. At a time when the band was moving away from the improvised direction they had pursued on their first two albums, "Nubian Sundance" catches the group at its height. There's only one thing about this song that keeps me from calling it the best song Weather Report ever recorded: not enough Wayne Shorter. Avid fans recognize that there are tracks where Shorter could have been utilized more, and here's a shining example.

Reviewer: Jared Pauley

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