Hamiet Bluiett & Concept: I'll Close My Eyes


I'll Close My Eyes


Hamiet Bluiett & Concept


Live at Carlos I: Another Night (Just a Memory 9136)

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Hamiet Bluiett (baritone sax), Don Pullen (piano),

Fred Hopkins (bass), Idris Muhammad (drums), Chief Bay (African percussion)


Composed by Buddy Kaye & Billy Reid


Recorded: New York, August 1986


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

Hamiet Bluiett, a co-founding member of the Black Artists Group (BAG) in St. Louis, alumnus of the bands of Charles Mingus, Sam Rivers, Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gaye, and a founding member of the World Saxophone Quartet, was once asked what drew him to the baritone sax. "I just fell in love with the instrument from the sight of it. That was it," he responded. "I think it can stand toe to toe with you like Shaquille O'Neal and take you out." Later in the interview, Bluiett went on to state that his major influence, once the "love at first sight" wore off, was Harry Carney, and it is indeed a combination of the classic Carney sound and Bluiett's own confidently forceful, avant-garde experimentation that makes Hamiet one of the more exciting and original baritone saxophonists of his generation. Bluiett and pianist Don Pullen, who are both perfectly comfortable at balancing the frenzied and the beautiful, participate in restrained, sophisticated interaction throughout "I'll Close My Eyes." Two underrated masters in fine form.

Reviewer: Eric Novod

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