Josh Roseman: I Should Have Known Better


I Should Have Known Better


New Constellations


New Constellations: Live In Vienna (Accurate 5056)

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Josh Roseman (trombone, electronics),

Ambrose Akinmusire (trumpet), Peter Apfelbaum (tenor sax, organ), Barney McAll (piano, keyboards, samples), Marvin Sewell (guitar), Jonathan Maron (bass), Justin Brown (drums)


Composed by Lennon/McCartney


Recorded: live at Joe Zawinul's Birdland, Vienna, Austria, June 14-18, 2005


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

A dub reggae trance free funk jazz version of an early Beatles hit song? Heck, why not? Don't expect the familiar melody to jump right out at you, though; snippets and short quotes of it emerge from the haze only to submerge beneath the thick electronic motif again. Some chords don't really belong in the song as Lennon & McCartney envisioned it. The only constant is that island beat.

Amongst this murky mixture of a live performed groove and an assortment of samples and artificially generated noise is Josh Roseman's tribute to the pioneering ska sounds of Don Drummond's trombone, in both open and muted form. With "I Should Have Known Better," Roseman subverts pop music by suffocating it with a mélange of Jamaican influences. He may have been too successful contorting the song, though, as it's warped almost entirely beyond recognition.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron

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