Three Baritone Saxophone Band: Line for Lyons


Line for Lyons


Three Baritone Saxophone Band


Plays Mulligan (Dreyfus 36588)

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Ronnie Cuber (baritone sax), Nick Brignola (baritone sax), Gary Smulyan (baritone sax),

Andy McKee (bass), Joe Farnsworth (drums)


Composed by Gerry Mulligan


Recorded: May 21, 1997


Rating: 78/100 (learn more)

You'll get no argument from this quarter If you conclude from this disc that "the more the merrier" is perhaps not the best philosophy to apply to the baritone saxophone. A small dose of this record, however, or large doses of any of these saxophonists' respective solo material, will reveal some of the strongest post-bop baritone voices. Originally assembled to pay tribute to Gerry Mulligan at the 1996 Jazz and Image Festival in Rome, the Cuber-led Three Baritone Saxophone Band recorded for the first and only time on this similarly intentioned studio date.

"Line for Lyons," the album's opening track, works best, featuring careful arranging from Cuber that creates a colorful illusion of a wider instrumentation. While it's sometimes tricky to tell the impressive modern sounds of Brignola and Smulyan apart in this context, Cuber's individual personality shines through, remaining the most expressive and comfortingly straight-ahead of the three. It's apparent that Cuber's long history of juggling jazz, soul and rock/pop gigs has yielded a universal approach, one that has influenced many modern baritone saxophonists.

Reviewer: Eric Novod

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