Bill Evans (sax) & Bruce Hornsby (piano): A Simple Life


A Simple Life


Bill Evans (soprano sax) and Bruce Hornsby (piano)


Push (Lipstick Records LIP 8922)

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Bill Evans (soprano sax), Bruce Hornsby (piano).

Composed by Bill Evans


Recorded: New York, spring 1993


Rating: 86/100 (learn more)

Bill Evans (sax) is an avid fisherman. For some reason, I never associate fishing with jazz. I don't associate NASCAR, bowling or hockey with jazz either. But maybe that is only me. Evans refers to his pastime as "a simple life" in the liner notes. I can only assume the song title is about that too. Does Bruce Hornsby fish? (This review has been interrupted for a Google search for "Bruce Hornsby" + "fishing." Hmm. Hornsby appeared on a song about fishing with Ricky Skaggs. I may be onto something here.)

Evans (sax) plays "A Simple Life" as a ballad duet with Hornsby (piano) who has shown he can play pop, country and jazz with equal skill. This is not one of Evans's most memorable melodies. But the piece is more about mood and setting than about telling a story. I could listen to Evans ramble all day. He is that good on his axe. Hornsby has a distinct playing style marked by his unusual choice of chords. The two sound very comfortable together as they think about fish.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky


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