Les Brown: Rock Me To Sleep


Rock Me To Sleep


Les Brown and His Orchestra


Best of the Big Bands: Les Brown and his Great Vocalists (Columbia/Legacy CK 66373)

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Les Brown (leader), Lucy Ann Polk (vocals), Dave Pell (tenor sax),

Wes Hensel, Don Palladino, Bob Fowler, Bob Higgins (trumpets), Ray Sims, Dick Noel, Bob Pring, Stumpy Brown (trombones), Ronnie Lang, Abe Aaron (alto saxes), Eddie Scherr (tenor sax), Butch Stone (baritone sax), Geoff Clarkson (piano), Tony Rizzi (guitar), Ray Leatherwood (bass), Jack Sperling (drums)


Composed by Benny Carter & Paul Vandervoort II; arranged by Frank Comstock


Recorded: Los Angeles, November 14, 1950


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

This was one of Les Brown's last sides for Columbia Records before he signed a contract with the Decca subsidiary, Coral. His was the house band for Bob Hope's radio (and later television) show, so he did not have to tour to keep his band going, and he could hire musicians who would remain with the band for years. Les always featured excellent vocalists, and Lucy Ann Polk was one of the hippest ever to sing with the band. (She'd been part of a two brother-two sister vocal group called The Town Criers, who'd sung with Brown back in 1943. They'd also appeared with Tommy Dorsey and Kay Kyser.) This recording features an attractive Benny Carter song, a wonderful vocal by Ms. Polk, and a solo by tenorman Dave Pell. This track also reminds us how, once upon a time, pop recordings had strong jazz sensibilities.

Reviewer: Jeff Sultanof

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