T-Model Ford: Hip Shakin' Woman


Hip Shakin' Woman


James 'T-Model' Ford (guitar, vocals)


M for Mississippi (Broke & Hungry Records M4M002)

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James 'T-Model' Ford (guitar, vocals),

Stud (drums)


Composed by T-Model Ford


Recorded: Mississippi, March 29-April 5, 2008


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

James "T-Model" Ford is not quite as old as the Ford Model T but almost. When he was born, probably in 1924 (he's not really sure), those Tin Lizzies were still coming off the assembly line. But blues singer Ford has picked up even more mileage, and considerably more wear and tear, than any machine on four wheels you've ever seen. Matthew Johnson once asked Ford how many times he'd been to jail. "He seemed to think it was a trick question," Johnson recalls, "Upon realizing it wasn't, he answered to the best of his ability: 'Every Saturday night there for awhile.'"

Fortunately for blues fans, and maybe even more happily for Saturday night strollers in the state of Mississippi, T-Model Ford now works out his aggression on his guitar. No matter that he didn't start playing until he was (more or less) 58, Ford sounds like he was made to perform this music. This track, recorded for the documentary M for Mississippi, shows him off in all his raw and raucous splendor. The lyrics may be hand-me-downs, the guitar chords throbbing like a demon locked in your neighbor's garage, but the edginess in this music is infectious. Some things get mellower with age, and then there is T-Model Ford, who's been operating for many years now with nary an oil change. Check him out, but keep a distance of at least two car lengths from the bandstand.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia


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