World Trio: Dr. Do-Right


Dr. Do-Right


World Trio


World Trio (Intuition 2152)

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Dave Holland (bass), Kevin Eubanks (guitar), Mino Cinelu (percussion).

Composed by Dave Holland


Recorded: New York, c. 1995


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

Dave Holland's flair for writing simple but gorgeous folk-oriented melodies, revealed early on with the song "Conference of the Birds," appears again in this up-tempo number. Eubanks, Holland and Cinelu strike a perfect balance between integrated group performance and individual improvising. Kevin Eubanks's rich 12-string acoustic brings out the richness in that Holland melody, while Holland and Cinelu are locked into an immaculate, double-timed syncopated groove. Holland doesn't even move off it when Eubanks lays out for the bassist's solo. With Holland anchoring both melody and rhythm so securely, Cinelu and Eubanks feel free to take more risks on their turns. Eubanks exhibits a startling amount of speed and musicality, while never going off the rhythm or melody.

Though a one-off collaboration, the World Trio made heady organic music like "Dr. Do-Right" that was pleasing to the ears while blowing the mind.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron


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